project document

“2° FESTIVAL for Training and Exchange – ITALY GAZA” December 27th 2015 – January 6th 2016 After the 1° “Festival of Training and Exchange” realized on Dec/Jan 2015, we are ready to implement, as predict, the second part of the project. In Gaza Strip, after more then one year from military operation “Protective Edge” that envised distruction and died to the civil population, nothing changed; the border remines totally closed, the life for the population is totally close; no work, many houses has to be still reconstruct, few opportunity to atttend studying obroad, neither future is coming for Gaza. The yougstair and all population as well are close into Gaza’s enclave and they are living very hard moment and situation, worst then the past: the alternative and the answers gave to solve the conflict doesn’t face the solution. Are not enougth to launch appelas to the international legality and the denounce for the respect to the human rights; the path means more difficult then before; nobody wants to see, to listen the message that comes from inside. It is better not look, and to leave everything in the hands to the extremism that are destroying all the world. The difficulty and/or prohibition of movement, it affects the young generation, which in recent years have only suffered for the misfortune of the occupation and have not had a chance to open up to the world outside, because of the heaviness of the siege. Only those who flee dangerously can have access to other worlds, where to look for work, training, and exchange; worlds in any case that does not have the same culture and where integration and cohabitation are two aspects difficult to achieve and accomplish. The population in Gaza, in spite of all, try to resist; they try to get up again from the rubble exploded on them with violence during the war. They wish to reiterate and assert their just rights of freedom and self-determination. The Decalogue of HUMAN RIGHTS it declares: “Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state” “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country” The innate ability of Gazans to move forward to this injustice, exceeds the boundaries of the closure and siege; not more still waiting for aid but gets back in motion with activities and events that bring the spirit to take steps to rebuild and hope for a different future to all HUMAN. Programm: “THE FESTIVAL of exchange and trainings” is a collection of cultural and sporting activities which will see its realization through a direct exchange between Italians and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. An exchange of knowledge and expertise with strong social and educational value and with a strong array of entertainment. The Festival is organized by various Italian associations, with the support of the Sport and cultural clubs, Universities, schools and Social Centers. The Festival is part of a wider project of “Cultural Exchanges” which annually provides training and exchanges of knowledge among the new generations of the Mediterranean countries. Gaza Strip, due to the big “physical” difficulties on opening the borders, does not offer integrated programs for young people and students in age of learning and understanding of the world; this initiative, organized with the “Italian Centre for Cultural Exchanges – VIK” and local associations, provide and facilitate meetings and exchanges between the two countries in various fields. The program will run for one week (from december 27 to january10 2016) with a breakdown of the various activities and events: training and workshops with universities and associations on 3 groups of activities: streetgames&GRAFFITI, MEDIA &Communication EDUCATION&Reconstruction. The training is designed to interchange the technical and theoretical knowledges of the various activities, targeting children and youngstair people (m / f). Final Event and entertainment aimed to target the entire population on activities and entertainement by music, dance and event. Workshops : Groups of trainers and Local Partners: GROUP Street Activities: for young people who practice graffiti and skateboard; the planned activities are education, training, building ramps, installation of graffiti in park areas, public walls neighborhood, roads and universities. Skatebord for the group will be composed of 5 young Italian manufacturers: Milo, Laura, David, Fabio and Massimo. Palestinian partners involved: DFA – Different Free Arts (Shajayye); Freedom Skater (Sheikh Zeid); Taghreed El Association (Beit Hannoun); Graffiti for the group will be composed of 4 trainers Italian: Brown, Alessio, Teo, Henry Martin; Palestinian partners involved: Writers Room of Gaza; Belal Khaled; artists of the School of “Fine Arts” Al Aqsa University; GROUP Education and training: aimed at trainers working with educational associations and cultural centers with children. The group will consist of 6 Formator @ Italian Valentina, Marta, Riccardo, Gliulia, Silvia R. Giulia Palestinian partners involved: POD – Palestinian Organization for Development – Deir el Balah; CFTA – Culture & Free Thought Association – Khan Younis GROUP Media & Communication: addressed to those who want to learn the techniques of documentation of the events; FilmMakers, photographers and developers APP. to stroll on the maps of memory. This group provides training of advanced techniques Filmakers, of photography techniques and the development of an Application Smarphone. The group will be ‘composed of 12 Italian trainers working in the field of media and technical documentation (Teleimmagini) as well as’ the development of APP: Flilippo Mary, Maximus, Christian, Luke Albert, Alice James, Valentina Valerio, Palestinian partners involved: 3 Universities: Al Aqsa University – Islamic University (Gaza City); University of Palestine (Al Zahara) and the Palestinian Center for Democracy & Conflict Resolution (Gaza City) After 7 days of workshops, training, and building activities, it will be realized a FINAL EVENT Festival with performances and entertainment, aimed at the entire population of Gaza.