Program for the Animation & Entertainment Group

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    “FESTIVAL Training and Exchange”           “FESTIVAL di Scambio e Formazione”

 Italy – Gaza                                                               Italy – Gaza

    “Animation/ENTERTAINEMENT”               “ANIMAZIONE/Intrattenimento”

“Play and Movement”                                          “gioco e movimento”




by: Valentina Raimondi, Linda Rossi, Giulia Montecorboli, Mara Carlotta Ronzoni, Riccardo Marchesi*

The project, animation and entertainment aims to carry out activities for the children to support the overcoming of all forms of post-trauma after  the last massacre.

Each workshop is designed with the aim to entertain boys and girls and give them new tools for analysis and processing of meanings, both from iconic, and body point of view.


Compared to the first perspective (iconic), the boys and girls become protagonist of the characterization and personification of the city, such as the area around the school. This will be achieved through the use of colored chalks for creating drawings before processed and sorted together in class. The drawings will be made on the rubble and will be a symbol of the child protagonist in re-imagining Gaza. The laboratory wants to be aimed also to enhance the expression of the cultural and psychological brought  from each child  (m/f). This work is connected to the spirit of overturning the imagination in writing. Also linked to an iconic level, will be the project of a photographic exhibition made by children on children and for children.

This path, however, is linked more closely to the design of the communication. Again we prefer a mode that expresses, through pictures, different looks and different concepts that children can develop respect for themselves in relating to and engage with their peers: the gaze of help to self-knowledge .

From the point of view of body, however, some children will be involved in the play through the medium of MIMO. It will be performed few scenes of nature personified primarily educational. Sketch from the world of nature (animal, weather) Training iconic stories …The choice of mime is due to the preference of body language than verbal expression because it has an immediacy that helps to understand the message or new knowledge. These activities, along with juggling, are an attempt to support the children and give them the tools to find their size.

It will be set also the exchanges with the teacher and animators of the association.