Photography Course in the Italian Center




1°Photography basic Course

40 hours training in the Italian Center for Cultural Exchange

In partnership with

  • Photographers without borders (FSF) Italy.
  • Italian Association of Filmmakers.
  • Arab Union of Photographers Gaza-Palestine Branch.
  • Palestinian Photographic society Gaza-Palestine.

Course program:

  • history of photography in the world and Palestine
  • Camera and their parts
  • types of lenses
  • Exposure triangle
  • Photo Composition
  • How to read the Photo

This course for 40 hour 7 days in class and 3 days in field

Practical Training Area:
Beit Lahia: the head of Beit Lahia municipality received the group of photographer’s trainees and welcoming us than explain about bet Lahia famous products of agricultural and strawberries are exported

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“Images by Shadi Al Qarra”